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Dubstep Madness (CD)

Dubstep Madness (CD)


A massive, mindbending compilation of tracks featuring the newest trans-European electronic craze, Dubstep!

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From the shores of South London, a sinister new strain of electronic dance music has been replicating its audio DNA – titanic bass lines, reverberating drums and ricochet samples – across the globe. They call it dubstep – and for the unsuspecting souls who’ve already succumbed to its hypnotic trance, the world will never be the same.

Underground producers and DJs weave dubstep’s double helix out of the twin strands of 2-step garage and drum-n-bass, forging an earworm more likely to induce head-nodding mind expansion than the erratic dance moves associated with four-on-the-floor techno.

This massive 2CD compilation brings together some of the newest, most creative dubstep producers on this side of the pond, who offer up a host of original compositions alongside mesmerizing remixes of classic songs like Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining,” Sly Stone’s “Family Affair,” and Freestyle’s “Don’t Stop The Rock” by award-winning German producers, Mozart & Friends. So, enjoy the ride, my friends…oh, this way madness lies!

  • A massive, mindbending compilation of tracks featuring the newest trans-European electronic craze, Dubstep!
  • Includes several underground dubstep artists PLUS dubstep remixes of musical luminaries such as Sly Stone, Bob Marley, The Specials, Vanilla Ice and more!

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Various Artist


Dubstep Madness

Release Date

October 11, 2012




Audio CD

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Track Listing

1. Rusko – Woo Boost
2. The Anix – Sleepwalker (Invader! Remix)
3. Trapt – Headstrong (Alexis K Remix)
4. Elfkowitz – Codes
5. Shannon – Electric Slide (Dubstep Remix)
6. Shem – Accidentally On Purpose
7. Burman feat. Jessica Jean – Take Me Away
8. Phutureprimitive – Kinetik
9. Alexis K – What Dreams May Come
10. Dubstep Kings – Electric Avenue (Dubstep Version)
11. Tron DeMode – Chaos
12. Phaded – Weatherman
13. Montel Jordan – Get It On Tonite (Dubstep Remix)
14. Zeitgeist US – Sandstorm (Dubstep Version)
15. Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie (Dubstep Remix)
16. Electric Low – Riders On The Storm (Dubstep Version)

1. Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining (Smoke Out Dubstep Remix)
2. Club Nouveau – Why You Treat Me So Bad (Soundbomb Dubstep Remix)
3. Sly Stone – Family Affair (Dubstep Remix)
4. Vee Cohaagen – Renegade Stokes With Lemonade (Quaid Head Mix)
5. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (Wunderbros Dubstep Remix)
6. Red Titanic – White Rabbit (Dubstep Version)
7. Todd Rundgren – Bang On The Drum (Dubstep Remix)
8. Space Temple feat. Huw Lloyd-Langton – Outer Limits Dub
9. Tron Demode & MC Kid R.I.P. – U.F.O.
10. Doctor ReBas – Position In Control (Richter Remix)
11. Nit GriT – Hyphycide
12. Blackmill – Evil Beauty
13. Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock (Dubstep Remix)
14. The Specials – Ghost Town (Brand Blank Dubstep Remix)
15. J.J. Fad – Supersonic (Dubstep Remix)
16. Sir Kasmic – Moon – Dust (Lucky Tall Remix)
17. Blackburner feat. Sister Alice – Feel The Burn
18. Electric Heaven – The Devil Is My Witness