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Beenie Man – The Magnificent Beenie Man (CD)


Beenie Man – The Magnificent Beenie Man (CD)


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• A superb collection of rare tracks by highly recognized dancehall DJ and MC, Beenie Man!

• With a vicious flare for poitically potent lyrics, Beenie Man rose to worldwide popularity in the tumultuous early ‘90s and has gone on to become one of Jamaica’s most celebrated musical talents!

• Beenie Man rocks the turntables and the mic on stellar tracks such as “The Magnificent,” “Straight Tradings,” “Ring My Bell, Anytime” and many more!

• A brand new Beenie Man album will be released in July 2004 and a massive tour is planned!

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Beenie Man


The Magnificent Beenie Man

Release Date

September 14, 2004


Purple Pyramid



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Track Listing

1. The Magnificent
2. Higher
3. This Is Beenie Man
4. Staight Tradings
5. Beenie Man, The Original
6. X-X-X
7. You re The Greatest
8. I m The Greatest
9. Yadi Ya Beenie Man Forever
10. Running For Her Life
11. Gotta Watch This
12. Be Mine
13. Ring My Bell, Anytime
14. Man Love The Body
15. Murder, Murder, Murder
16. Sweet Girl
17. Beenie Man s Depot
18. All Night Lover (Ah!)
19. When Beenie Man Comes To Town
20. Brain Wash
21. Dee Jay Bad Man