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Dannii Minogue: Girl – 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition (4 CD Box Set – Imported)

The 24 page booklet features a new essay by Quentin Harrison, for which Dannii was recently interviewed, plus a selection of rare photographs, full album lyrics and a note from Dannii herself.


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The ultimate 25th anniversary edition of Dannii’s classic 1997 album, ‘Girl’.

Featuring three massive #1 UK Dance Chart / Top 30 hits – ‘All I Wanna Do’ (#4), ‘Everything I Wanted’ (#15) and ‘Disrememberance’ (#21)!

This special deluxe Collector’s Edition CD box set expands the original 10 track release over four discs, totalling 46 tracks, packaged in a clamshell box with deluxe finish printing.

Originally released in September 1997 on Eternal Records and includes writing and production work from Ian Masterson and David Green, Xenomania (Matt Gray, Brian Higgins, Stuart McLennan, Tim Powell), Metro (Paul Barry, Graham Stack, Mark Taylor, Steve Torch) and DNA (Nick Batt, Neal Slateford).

CD1 presents the original ‘Girl’ album plus five bonus tracks in a gatefold card wallet, a mini CD replica of the Special Edition LP format. The bonuses include ‘Someone New’, originally issued only in Japan, the out-take ‘Keep Up with the Good Times’, and the original hidden CD bonus track, ‘Coconut’, plus two 12” mixes of the album cut ‘Movin’ Up’, one of which is the previously unheard original 1996 mix.

The three bonus discs are each packaged in beautifully designed bespoke card wallets. Inspired by the original promotional and commercial single release artworks, each disc focuses on the album’s three main A-sides.

CD2 is dedicated to the ‘All I Wanna Do’ single and comes packed to capacity with a host of classic club remixes by Trouser Enthusiasts, Xenomania, D-Bop, Sharp, Qattara and Dizzy. One selection here appears on CD for the first time.

CD3 brings together the remix packages for ‘Everything I Wanted’ and the promo-only single, ‘Heaven Can Wait’, with credits for D-Bop, Xenomania, Trouser Enthusiasts, Metro and Jupiter 6. Two ‘Heaven Can Wait’ mixes make their CD debut here, whilst a third appears on CD in the UK for the first time, having only featured previously on the rare Australian single release of ‘Coconut’ in 1998.

Finally, on CD4, we have ten club, dub and promo-only re-works of the album’s third and final UK single release, ‘Disremembrance’. Flexifinger and Twyce As Nyce remixes feature here, alongside more from Xenomania, D-Bop, Trouser Enthusiasts and Sharp. Two of these appear on CD for the first time, whilst one rare edit was previously promo-only.

The 24 page booklet features a new essay by Quentin Harrison, for which Dannii was recently interviewed, plus a selection of rare photographs, full album lyrics and a note from Dannii herself.

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Dannii Minogue


Girl – 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition


Cherry Red


Audio CD

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Track Listing

1 All I Wanna Do
2 Heaven Can Wait
3 So In Love With Yourself
4 Am I Dreaming?
5 Everybody Changes Underwater
6 Everything I Wanted
7 If It Moves – Dub It
8 Disremembrance
9 It’s Amazing
11 Someone New
12 Keep Up With The Good Times
13 Coconut
14 Movin’ Up [Gettin’ Harder Mix]
15 Movin’ Up [12” Master Mix] – Previously Unreleased

1 All I Wanna Do [12” Extended Mix] 6:58
2 All I Wanna Do [Trouser Enthusiasts’ Toys Of Desperation Mix] 11:05
3 All I Wanna Do [Xenomania Dream House Mix] 5:57
4 All I Wanna Do [D-Bop’s Innocent Girl Mix] 7:32
5 All I Wanna Do [Qattara’s Mix] 10:05
6 All I Wanna Do [Trouser Enthusiasts’ Ultra Sensitive Dub] 10:16
7 All I Wanna Do [Dizzy’s Mix] 7:39
8 All I Wanna Do [Sharp “System” Instrumental] 7:26 – First Time On CD
9 All I Wanna Do [Tiny Tim & The Mekon Dream Dub] 7:31
10 All I Wanna Do [Trouser Enthusiasts’ Radio Edit] 4:11

1 Everything I Wanted [Radio Edit] 3:44
2 Heaven Can Wait [7” Version] 4:06
3 Everything I Wanted [Xenomania 12″ Mix] 7:09
4 Everything I Wanted [Trouser Enthusiasts’ Golden Delicious Mix] 11:14
5 Heaven Can Wait [Trouser Enthusiasts’ Cloud Nine Mix] 12:13
6 Heaven Can Wait [Trouser Enthusiasts’ Hell Fire Club Dub] 9:20 – First Time On CD
7 Everything I Wanted [Jupiter 6 Soul Surround Mix] 6:54
8 Heaven Can Wait [D-Bop’s Heavenly Girl Mix] 7:47 – First Time On CD In The UK
9 Heaven Can Wait [D-Bop’s Melt And Sparkle Mix] 7:36 – First Time On CD
10 Everything I Wanted [Xenomania Radio Edit] 4:46
11 Everything I Wanted [Metro’s 7″ Mix] 3:54

1 Disremembrance [Trouser Enthusiast’s Brittlestar Requiem Mix] 12:15
2 Disremembrance [D-Bops “Lost In Space” Mix] 7:58
3 Disremembrance [Flexifinger’s 12″ Pop Mix] 6:17
4 Disremembrance [Xenomania 12″ Mix] 7:36
5 Disremembrance [Trouser Enthusiast’s Radio Edit] 4:27
6 Disremembrance [Flexifinger’s Full “Orchestral” Mix] 9:29
7 Disremembrance [Sharp Rocket Instrumental] 7:58 – First Time On CD
8 Disremembrance [Xenomania Edit] 4:25 – Commercially Unreleased On CD
9 Disremembrance [Trouser Enthusiast’s Diesel Plus Plus Dub] 9:59 – First Time On CD 10 Disremembrance [Twyce As Nyce 1:40 AM Mix] 6:05