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The Business: Oi! The Anthology (2 CD – Imported)

The Business: Oi! The Anthology (2 CD – Imported)


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• 56-track 2CD set is the first to cover the entire career of Oi! legends The Business.

• From their first appearance on vinyl in 1980 right through to their most recent 2022 contribution to the ‘40 Years Of Oi!’ compilation, this release, compiled by Cock Sparrer guitarist and long time Business fan Daryl Smith, covers the band’s 40 year career.

• Includes the Indie Chart hit singles ‘Harry May’ (No.13), ‘Smash The Discos’ (No.3), ‘Loud Proud & Punk’ (No.5) and ‘Drinking And Driving’ (No.27).

• Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen produced their seminal ‘The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth’ album which laid the foundations for what is now commonly known as Street Punk.

• Also features their collaboration with the Dropkick Murphys on ‘Mob Mentality’.

• Booklet contains detailed liner notes, pictures of all relevant releases and lots of clippings / memorabilia.

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The Business


Oi! The Anthology

Release Date

January 12, 2023


Cherry Red Import


Audio CD

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Track Listing

1 Out In The Cold
2 Strangers
3 Streets Where You Live
4 Product
5 Suburban Rebels
6 Harry May
7 National Insurance Blacklist (Be A Rebel And You’ll Always Be Wrong)
8 Smash The Discos
9 Loud Proud + Punk
10 Real Enemy
11 Blind Justice
12 Guttersnipe
13 Sabotage The Hunt
14 Drinking And Driving
15 Get Out Of My House
16 Spanish Jails
17 Never Been Taken
18 Saturdays Heroes
19 Nothing Can Stop Us
20 Frontline
21 Do A Runner
22 Welcome To The Real World
23 Mouth An’ Trousers
24 Ten Years
25 Living In Daydreams
26 Look At Him Now

1 Keep The Faith
2 Holiday In Seattle
3 Divide & Rule
4 Breaking The Law
5 Can’t Take Much More
6 Death To Dance (Single Version)
7 Spirit Of The Street
8 The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth
9 One Common Voice
10 Justice Not Politics
11 One Thing Left To Say
12 Southgate (Euro 96)
13 Hardcore Hooligan
14 Mob Mentality
15 Going Strong
16 Hang Up Your Boots
17 Crucified
18 Takers & Users
19 Hate K.D.
20 No Mercy For You
21 Hell 2 Pay
22 U Won’t Change Me
23 Terrace Lost Its Soul
24 England 5 Germany 1
25 Mean Girl
26 You Know My Name