Powerman 5000 Shares New Single '1999', Reveals More 'Abandon Ship' Album Details

April 26, 2024
Powerman 5000 Shares New Single '1999', Reveals More 'Abandon Ship' Album Details


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POWERMAN 5000 will release a new studio album, "Abandon Ship", on May 10 via Cleopatra Records. The LP's first single, "1999", can be streamed below.

"Abandon Ship" track listing:
01. Invisible Man
02. 1999
03. Dancing Like We’re Dead
04. Wake Up Take Up Space
05. The Company Loves Misery
06. Bloodsuckers
07. This Is A Life
08. GTFO
09. Places For People That Scream
10. The Last Chapter
11. Bombshell (revamped version) (bonus track)

With "1999", POWERMAN 5000 invites listeners on a thrilling journey to the glory days of apocalyptic paranoia, melding irresistible nostalgia with doomsday fatalism to create an end of the world dance club hit fueled by high-octane industrial metal. Frontman Spider One's diabolically creative mind takes center stage, delivering a sonic landscape that feels both familiar and audacious. This single promises to be a revelation for fans both old and new, already evidenced by the fact that the band has added it to their live set with extremely positive results!

"Abandon Ship" boasts nine additional all-new original tracks produced by Matt McJunkins of A PERFECT CIRCLE and EAGLES OF DEATH METAL fame. The album's CD edition includes a bonus track — a revamped version of POWERMAN 5000's explosive 2001 hit "Bombshell". This reimagined rendition is poised to reignite the fervor of fans worldwide, serving as a fitting addition to an already stellar lineup of tracks.

In a 2023 interview with The Underground Australia, Spider One reflected on the release of POWERMAN 5000's latest album, "The Noble Rot", which came out at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in August 2020 via Cleopatra Records. He said: "I think that we had finished [the LP] before then, and we made the first video before the pandemic. So we were just gearing up for a normal situation, that we were gonna hit the road. I think we had a couple of tours booked to promote the record. And then everything stopped, and we figured, 'Oh, well,' like everybody else, 'Oh, whatever. We'll just postpone the tour for a couple of weeks and then we'll be back at it.' And then a couple of weeks turned into a couple of years. It was a very weird way to release a record, 'cause the normal way is you get out there on the road and you get feedback from fans and you get to play the songs. And that never really happened. But the record, stream-wise, was more successful than the one before it. So I think [the pandemic] allowed people to stay at home and maybe listen to more music and discover more things. So I don't look at it as a loss or anything like that. It was just a different scenario. Fortunately now we get to play some of those songs. And people know them more, so it all worked out."

Spider One previously discussed how he spent the downtime during the pandemic in an interview in December 2022 with Australia's Metal-Roos. At the time, he said: "Like everybody else, we were stuck home and didn't get to play for almost two years, or about two years. So it was strange. But it's interesting. I don't know. There used to be a time when there were these things called album cycles — you put an album out; you tour on that album for a year or whatever; and you release the singles. And there was sort of this standard way you did business. I feel like those days, at least for us, are over. I'll find Spotify activity will go up when we're doing nothing sometimes, or it'll go down when a new record [has come out]. There seems to be no real logic to the way things function anymore. So the inactivity didn't really hurt us, I don't think, in any way. Maybe it even helped us a bit. There were a lot of bands that were trying to do stuff and maybe went out a bit too early and their tours didn't do well. We really waited it out until we felt like people were comfortable with going out again. And ever since, everything's been just super successful. So it worked out fine. But, yeah, the record was sort of… I think everybody kind of feels like they had a lot album in those couple of years."

In May 2020, POWERMAN 5000 released its reimagining of the classic '80s new wave smash "We Got The Beat". "We Got The Beat" was originally made available in 1981 as part of THE GO-GO'S' multi-platinum debut album "Beauty And The Beat".

"Tonight The Stars Revolt!", POWERMAN 5000's second album, was released on July 20, 1999 by DreamWorks Records. It has sold over one million copies and achieved platinum status on the back of such hits as "Nobody's Real" and "When Worlds Collide". With cyberpunk imagery, catchy riffs, funky beats and rap rock vocals, POWERMAN 5000 bridged the gap between nu metal and industrial metal and packaged it up in a retro-science fiction B-movie aesthetic that separated them visually and musically from their peers.

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